Learn to build breakthrough products from the few who’ve actually built them

We offer live, small-group masterclasses led by chief product officers

One-of-a-Kind Class Experience

Our classes are taught by master practitioners who you won't see teaching anywhere else on topics that aren't taught anywhere else

Solving AI's Last-Mile Problem

Augmented Reality at the Tipping Point

Bryan Dunn,

VP Product, Crayon

Mike Campbell, EVP Augmented Reality, PTC

Learn how to build AI products that deliver precisely the right insights to users. The secret: looking beyond how your product is used.

Augmented Reality is yet to have its "iPhone moment"—discover AR's compelling use case and learn the art of new technology adoption.

Calling Boston's rising stars in tech...

Masterclasses taught by Chief Product Officers at Boston’s top tech companies

Immerse yourself in complex problems and get instant feedback

Learn alongside a network of other innovators

Stripes is for active PMs,
UX designers, and engineers...

...with 1-6 years of experience and a lot of ambition. Stripes will help you level up to product leader or founder role with hands-on work experience, a network of connections, and new skills that you'll put into practice.

You’ll be immersed in a new problem unlike one you’ve ever encountered before—a chance to prove yourself at the next level.

Our mission is to help you develop distinguishing talents

We’re looking for the few who want to build the next generation of breakthrough products

Sound like you? Apply for one of our upcoming classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Stripes founded?

We were founded to create advanced tech masterclasses that help tech workers leap to higher plateaus in their careers.

What makes Stripes masterclasses different?

Our masterclasses are taught by the most senior tech executives from top companies—in person, not on youtube videos. They are based on challenging projects that replicate the experience of working for these executives. 

Why are senior tech executives willing to teach in Stripes masterclasses?

Over the years, many people have helped them get to the top of their field and they want to “pay it forward” and share their expertise with others.

Who are Stripes masterclasses for?

They are for ambitious tech workers with 1 - 6 years of experience in product management, design, or engineering who are eager to move into leadership roles with increased responsibility.

How do Stripes masterclasses work?

Each masterclass is built around a challenge project. Groups of 3-5 participants, usually from multi-functional backgrounds, team up to work on the project. They receive extensive feedback from each other, from their masterclass facilitator, and, most importantly, from their mentor and others who work at the mentors’ company. The most powerful way to learn advanced skills is by taking on challenging problems and receiving feedback from experts on your approach—our masterclasses are built around this model.

How many people are in a Stripes masterclass?

Generally 10-20.

Is Stripes selective?

Yes, we unfortunately can only accept some of those who apply given our belief in the power of small classes with experts.

How long are masterclasses?

About six weeks, with one evening session per week.

Can I have a job while attending a Stripes masterclass?

Yes, nearly all of our participants are full-time employed—our masterclasses are designed to fit into busy schedules. 

When and where do they meet?

They meet at partner companies' offices or co-working spaces around Boston.

How much do they cost?

$850 if paid up front or $1000 paid over 20 months. Scholarships are available for those working in the nonprofit sector, who have significant student debt, or who have other reasons for need.  In some classes, participants are eligible to receive cash bonuses.

Can I take more than one?

Yes, we encourage participants to take several classes, but only one at a time.

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