Mike Campbell leads Augmented Reality for PTC and he's looking for a few rising stars in AR for his masterclass

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"Augmented Reality at the Tipping Point"

Augmented Reality is poised to transform society, but it’s yet to have its “iPhone moment.” Mike Campbell and PTC’s AR team are looking for rising stars in product bent on changing this. Join him to discover the app that brings AR to the mainstream.

Your Mentor:

Mike Campbell, PTC’s EVP, Augmented Reality Products, is a technologist and one of AR’s thought leaders (see his recent Augmented World Expo keynote). But he isn’t excited by all the hype about AR - he wants to see it making a difference in workers’ lives.

Your Challenge Project:

Campbell’s masterclass will take you to the world of industrial enterprises, where participants will explore AR applications that take advantage of new technologies that digitize large, complex physical spaces. Participants will get to know the work patterns of industrial designers, technicians, and manufacturers – looking for ways to create 10x improvements in a key dimension of their work experience through AR.

Your Host:

PTC may be the company best-positioned to discover AR’s inflection point. It has a long history selling software to industrial enterprises, the market where many see AR applications proliferating fastest, plus its Vuforia Engine is among the most widely-used computer vision SDKs. PTC’s market cap has recently surged past $10 billion. It’s the perfect place to earn your Stripes.


Augmented Reality at the Tipping Point

Mike Campbell

EVP Augmented Reality 


One-of-a-kind class experience

Get feedback on how you think through problems from a master practitioner

Network with a small group of innovators who'll shape the future of AR

Master a technology - AR - that will put you in demand with employers

We're looking for a few rising star product managers, designers, and engineers...

...with 1-6 years of experience and a lot of ambition. Stripes will help you level up to product leader or founder role with hands-on work experience, a network of connections, and new skills that you'll put into practice.

You’ll be immersed in a new problem unlike one you’ve ever encountered before—a chance to prove yourself at the next level.

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